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601 Waiver – By Rita Provatas, ESQ.

Happy New Year!

You may have heard about the exciting changes in immigration law that we are about to see in early March 2013. For years, those who have entered the US without a visa were hesitant to return to their home countries to process their immigrant visa (green card) applications because of their fear that the ten year bar would keep them separated from their loved ones for such a long time.  They even heard stories from friends and relatives that the waiver application to waive the ten year bar kept people out of the US for years while the US government processed the waiver application.  For many of you, those horror stories are about to come to an abrupt end.

President Obama announced that the 601 waiver process for most cases is coming stateside.  You will be allowed to file the waiver and process here in the US  before you leave the US to attend your immigrant visa interview in your home country.  What does this mean for you?  You will know before you leave the US whether or not you have the 10 year penalty from returning to the US.  With an approved waiver, we anticipate that your stay outside the US will be minimal; once you have your consulate interview, you will receive a decision from the consulate within a few days of your interview.

We are very excited about this new process because we believe it will cut down substantially the time that you have to wait outside the US.  Spouses will now be ready and willing to request the immigrant visa (green card) because they know they will be able to return to their spouses and children much more quickly than before.

If you believe you may be eligible for this program, please contact our office so that we may review your situation.  We will be able to tell you whether you can benefit from this new and exciting program.

We look forward to speaking with you today!



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