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The USCIS announced on Friday, October 17, 2014, that it will begin a HAITIAN FAMILY REUNIFICATION PROGRAM (“HFRP”) application process sometime in 2015.  This program will provide Haitian National family members of US citizens or lawful permanent residents who are waiting for their immigrant visa numbers to become current, a travel parole document to enter the US and to wait for the visa number to become current while living in the US.

This program will become available in 2015 and application procedures will be announced by the end of this calendar year, 2014.

USCIS further expanded its announcement on October 22, 2014 and set out the eligibility requirements for both the Applicant and the Beneficiary.  The following criteria must be satisfied in order to apply for the benefit:

  1. You must be a US citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident;
  2. You must have filed an I-130 on behalf of your Haitian Relative;
  3. The I-130 must be approved; and
  4. You must have received a formal letter from the National Visa Center inviting you to apply for the benefit.

The beneficiary of the HFRP must:

  1. Be a Haitian National living in Haiti;
  2. Be the beneficiary of an approved I-130 Petition; and
  3. Have 2 or so years left for the immigrant visa number to become current.

You are not eligible for this benefit if:

  1. You are an immediate relative of the US citizen or LPR;
  2. You are living outside of Haiti; and
  3. The NVC has not issued an invitation letter.

USCIS has been granted discretionary authorization to grant this benefit.  For the beneficiary to receive this parole document to enter the US, they must:

  1. Prove the qualifying relationship with the USC or LPR;
  2. Present a medical examination;
  3. Be admissible into the US; and
  4. Undergo immigrant visa background checks.

What are the benefits of the parole document? The beneficiary will:

  1. Be allowed to enter the US approximately 2 years before their immigrant visa number becomes current;
  2. Be granted work authorization to work in the US while they are waiting for the immigrant visa number to become current;
  3. Apply for adjustment of status in the US for their “green card” once the immigrant visa number becomes current.

IMPORTANT:  The HFRP program will not be operational until sometime in 2015. DO NOT apply for this benefit at all in 2014; you must wait for the USCIS to provide program details at the end of 2014 and for the US/LPR relative to receive an invitation letter from the US government.


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